What is The Best Video Editor for Android?

What is The Best Video Editor for Android?

What is The Best Video Editor for Android?

Video editing is one of the biggest tasks a device can do. On computers, it requires decent specifications, RAM and storage, and some knowledge of how to operate it.

It’s no wonder that android offers support for the avid videographers. Free video editor apps for android smartphones are no less on Google playstore. They are convenient to work with and have a set of amazing features.

Here, we have compiled a list of the best android video editor apps that are free on Playstore. With these editors, you can arrange clips to be complete. More videos can be uploaded to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Youtube.

 What is The Best Video Editor for Android?

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  1. FilmoraGo

Filmorago is a significant android video editor application. It used to make it easy to perform all the primary functions such as trimming, cutting, adding themes, and music. So many users like this.

You can make square 1:1 videos to upload for Instagram and 16:9 videos for Youtube. It can be used to create reverse videos, and also you can add transitions. You can do slow motion, text etc.

Filmorago has got some purchases in the app, but most of the excellent features are free.

Special features of Filmorago

  • Clips can be previewed in real time.
  • Photos and videos can be downloaded from social media websites such as facebook, instagram, etc.
  • Comprehensive set of templates and effects.
  • A collection of professional editing tools.
  1. Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip lets you quickly edit any video from your android device. It is fast and fun to use. The highlight of this clip is the ability to automatic creation of video, meaning the app can automatically create videos for you with any photos or clips that you choose.

Moreover, you can also create your videos with many video editing functions such as cutting, trimming, adding changes, music, filters, effects etc.

It doesn’t show any ads and is free to download. It also includes live video sharing capabilities for sharing videos on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.

Special Features of Adobe Premiere Clip

  • Automatic mode for creating videos instantly.
  • The generated videos can be exported to Adope Premiere Pro CC.
  • Auto mix feature dynamically balances the background music into videos.


With so many editing tools in the app, many find the app way too cramped for a smartphone, especially for large projects where people require edits in specific timestamps. Despite the hardware acceleration, the Android video editor application is known to freeze on many android devices.