What created a spark in Assia Djebar’s life?

What created a spark in Assia Djebar's life?

What created a spark in Assia Djebar’s life?

Assia Djebar plays a multiple roles in her career. She was an extraordinary personality who has created a great spark with her writing. She has flourished in all her field and she is a role model for a young writers. The courage and ideas she started collecting from her own life. All her writing reflects the Muslim community and the problems that they have faced. She was the best defender who works out for women’s rights. The Djebars works are often examined and she has exposed her due to the lack of her rights. 

She mainly focused on what is the role of women. There were lots of problems that she has faced in her writing before and after getting independence. But she never withdrew at any point. Rather she started working with courage and tried to move ahead. 

Assia Djebar Role

Assia Djebar has passed away in February 2015. Her death makes the age of decolonization and the African revolution come a little closer. She was an ancient translator, novelist as well as a filmmaker who have richness in her artistic works. Behind all, she was exploring her skills wider. She was a political resistance, exile, feminist experiments, etc. Even at her virtuosic age, she has appeared in the Algerian President for her Bouteflika remembrance. That particular tribute has narrowly started linking Djebar’s legacy about her life. In her translation, she has found the other modes of the betrayal where she found her calling the chronicling forms that eliminate the feminism that has sprouted out within the anti-colonial movements. This suits for both to colonizers as well for those who have inherited the power. To conclude, she was unique in her approaching style as well she has the leadership ability that has made everything happen with her power. She lets the people understand what is happening around with her powerful words.